Quality Control


  We have a dedicated quality assurance team at each production facility who examine the finished products before each shipments.

  Our quality assurance procedures are carried out at various stages of the production process, including incoming, in-process and outgoing stages.


  We establish quality assurance standards for the individual customers and evaluate such standards on a continuous basis with our customers.


  To closely monitor our production processes, each of our product groups has quality control team consisting of experienced technicians and supervisors.


  Our incoming quality control team and sourcing team work together to inspect incoming raw material used in our medical products processes.


  We require our raw material suppliers to establish and maintain stringent quality assurance systems throughout their production processes and be able to provide timely support in the event that incoming raw material do not meet our quality standards.


  Our raw material suppliers observe FDA, CE, or other relevant certification requirements depending on the intended market destination.


  We perform quality checks at the ends of every stage of production to ensure that the semi-finished medical products meet all the relevant quality standards before we begin the next stage of process.


  We also implement comprehensive in-process quality control checklists throughout the entire production process and record traceable information to identify and address issues.


  Finished medical products undergo further quality assurance examination before they are shipped to our customers. In addition, our quality assurance team located in our service centres samples the incoming products to ensure that our quality meets or exceeds customer’s expectations.


  The ISO Certification is an international standard in quality management device manufacturing, and it specifies requirements for quality management systems where we need to demonstrate our ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer requirement and regulatory requirement.


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