Why Divine

One vital advantage that Divine Medicure Technology has over other companies is that our products manufacturing processes are initiated only after detailed talks and interactions with the leading Surgeons. This helps us deliver products that are more innovative and user friendly.

 Team Divine Medicure Technology

The Divine Medicure Technology has the powerful combination of young engineers, pharmacists, sales and service team.
The founder of the company was highly motivated and innovative, he created quality products at competitive prices, and he always placed major emphasis on both customer interaction and customer satisfaction; we value these concepts and they remain at the forefront of our daily activities.

Our Mission:

To generate new ideas and knowledge in the bio-material field and to translate them into new functional products, by transferring our knowledge to medical device industry, with the aim to improve implants/prosthesis outcomes and better patient satisfaction.

Our Vision: 

To create the next big thing

Tcontribute to people’s health, quality and enjoyment of life, by researching, producing and marketing superior implants technology

Our Commitment:

Our commitment to the ENT industry is creating recurrent breakthrough and solutions by developing technologies and products

KEY BENEFITSüInner flange design collapses for insertion and inverts for easy removal through a sma..
· When both the Incus and Malleus are eroded or absent, the ossicular chain is reconstructed ..
The prosthesis is a stapedial piston for placement at or between the oval window or stapes footplat..
   ·  When the malleus, Incus and the stapes are absent, the ossicular chain is reco..
   · A thin layer of hydroxyapatite(HAP) is coated onto the top surface of Disk-Cyli..
    Nasal septal buttons are inserted into a nasal septal perforation to straddle th..