About Us

        At Divine Medicure Technology,

         We produce a comprehensive, diverse and highly complementary portfolio of products targeting for treatments of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) disorders and related surgery.

         Our manufacturing capabilities through excellence in design, supply chain management, and customer service we put quality at the forefront in all aspects of our business.

         Our presence in more than 150 countries helps us in being responsive to local treatment needs while continually improving our global product offering.

         In a span of 5+ years of manufacturing and exporting implants and various other medical products, we have gained the trust of customer across India and globally as well.

         One of the main objectives of the company is to strive for excellence and technological growth in order to meet and even exceed the expectation of customers, and guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.

         Our company operates a Quality Management System which is independently assessed by the certifying agencies and is registered to ISO Standards.

        KEY BENEFITSüInner flange design collapses for insertion and inverts for easy removal through a sma..
        · When both the Incus and Malleus are eroded or absent, the ossicular chain is reconstructed ..
        The prosthesis is a stapedial piston for placement at or between the oval window or stapes footplat..
           ·  When the malleus, Incus and the stapes are absent, the ossicular chain is reco..
           · A thin layer of hydroxyapatite(HAP) is coated onto the top surface of Disk-Cyli..
            Nasal septal buttons are inserted into a nasal septal perforation to straddle th..